A story of light


Welcome to llum (/luːm/) studios. Here you’ll find bold and ethical candles and wax melts, hand-poured in small batches. My name is Alex and I run this one-woman show from my South London studio (also known as my kitchen).

Scent with a conscience

llum’s story started on a rainy February day as I was sat in front of the computer on a lunch break. I was looking to get *yet* another candle and instead ended up going down a rabbit hole of articles about the sustainability of various waxes; and the lack of in others. That is when I decided I’ll be making my own candles and wax melts, thank you very much.


I create products that are bold and ethical. This means that they smell amazing, look amazing and they don’t cost the Earth. Or your personality.


behind the wax

The coconut and rapeseed wax blends used in llum products are produced in Scotland using rapeseed oil harvested in Europe and coconuts coming from small-hold farmers in the Philippines and Indonesia. Coconut and rapeseed wax burns clean and has the smallest ecological footprint out of all waxes. It’s vegan, it’s cruelty-free and it’s most definitely free from nasty additives, paraffine, parabens, phthalates and bad juju.